Elementary School

Since 1980, HCES faculty and staff have worked to create a safe, nurturing environment where every child is encouraged to grow both academically and spiritually. Children receive rigorous instruction in reading, math, and the sciences, as well as opportunities to explore music and the arts. By teaching within the context of a Christian worldview, we inspire children of all ages to lead and serve others.

At Horizon Christian Schools, we provide a safe, welcoming environment, where children are nurtured academically, emotionally, and spiritually. We are committed not only to educating the whole child—mind, body, and soul—but to finding and developing each child's unique, God-given talents and gifts. Through a balance of nurturing and discipline, we both inspire children and teach them to be inspirations to others.

Horizon School Community

“We love the Biblical/Christ-centered world view the boys are getting their education from. They are learning absolute truth, an acknowledgment that God has uniquely created them with ‘smarts’, gifts and talents, and that our knowledge and abilities are to give away to those around us and around the world. The small school setting of Horizon provides an environment where amazing teachers and staff know each child individually and give them opportunities to grow in who they are designed to be. Our boys have literally had life-changing experiences that will, without doubt, alter their lives in a very positive way. We are grateful to be a part of HCS.”

--Horizon Christian Schools Middle School Parent.

Our Mission

Horizon Christian Schools exist to Bring LIFE to Learning by providing a formal education that prepares students to pursue their God-given purpose.

We accomplish this by:

  • Hearts Ignited. We intentionally lead with Heart, purposing to know, love and serve each student and encourage them to follow Jesus with their whole heart.
  • Minds Equipped. We provide quality instruction in the core subjects and also value the Arts, Athletics, Spiritual Formation and Service as essential to a comprehensive education.
  • Hands Engaged. We heed Jesus’ call to each person to live beyond self; to live in service to others; to accomplish a specific work and ultimately to build the Kingdom of God.
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