Values & Vision


Calling - We believe every individual is uniquely created and called to a compelling purpose! We are committed to help students discover, develop and deploy their divine calling.

Heart - We are a “heart first” organization! Students and staff are selected and affirmed first and foremost by the quality and disposition of their heart.

Achievement - We believe everyone can achieve! We are committed to helping students excel in every area of pursuit, especially in their area of unique gifting.

Relationships We purpose to be a family and desire authentic relationships at all levels. We will purpose to connect students with each other, with a church home, their family at home and, most importantly, with Jesus.

Serving - We believe that Jesus has called some to lead and all to serve. We will seek opportunities to serve and transform our community and the world.


As we continue to aggressively and responsibly pursue God’s calling and resources Horizon’s “bright” future will include:

  • Enriched Personnel (Personal and professional development)
  • Enhanced Programming (Academics, Athletics, Arts, Spiritual Formation, Service)
  • Empowered Process (Administrative and support systems)
  • Effective Partnerships (With area schools, churches and businesses)
  • Expanded Facilities (Continued build out of both Tualatin campuses)
  • Established Foundation (Sustainable funding bridging the gap from dreams to reality)


  • Have a rigorous academic program that will consistently lead to student achievement as evidenced in annual increases in RIT scores
  • Have an innovative and transformative Spiritual Formation platform district wide
  • Offer expanded need-based Tuition Assistance and merit-based Scholarships
  • Have current and effective technologies operating in every Horizon classroom
  • Provide L.I.F.E. resources for students who struggle academically or have learning differences
  • Have expanded facilities that will include a new gym/performing arts complex at Boones Ferry and a laboratory/multi-purpose complex at Sagert
  • An elementary/middle school of 400 students, a high school of 200 students and a pre-school/daycare of 100 students.
  • Additional district and state championships in athletics
  • A “school” of business and technology at the high school partnering with local business and universities
  • Offer dual credit courses at the high school in every core subject


THE HORIZON CULTURE will be decidedly godly. We strive to pursue righteousness as presented in Scripture and not the legalism that can sometimes result from well-meaning but misguided religion. In other words we will make every effort to balance grace and truth and ultimately point students to the person of Jesus! We seek to create a healthy educational environment that is nurturing, empowering, positive, safe and fun; where students can be students and grow and develop into all God has in mind for them. Horizon will also intentionally strive to be inclusive and diverse. Above all else Horizon will be a loving culture, incarnating the greatest value espoused in Scripture.

A CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE. We will strive for excellence in all areas because we believe that God has called each of us as individuals and our collective organization to greatness for His glory. We will keep excellence in its proper context, taking care not to be driven by “selfish ambition or vain conceit” (Philippians 2:3), yet “running in such a way as to get the prize” (1 Corinthians 9:24). We will strive to develop facilities that are attractive yet not opulent, state of the art in function yet a function of good stewardship and in everything giving testimony to our Creator and a testament to our world!

Our Mission

Horizon Christian Schools exist to Bring LIFE to Learning by providing a formal education that prepares students to pursue their God-given purpose.

We accomplish this by:

  • Hearts Ignited. We intentionally lead with Heart, purposing to know, love and serve each student and encourage them to follow Jesus with their whole heart.
  • Minds Equipped. We provide quality instruction in the core subjects and also value the Arts, Athletics, Spiritual Formation and Service as essential to a comprehensive education.
  • Hands Engaged. We heed Jesus’ call to each person to live beyond self; to live in service to others; to accomplish a specific work and ultimately to build the Kingdom of God.
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