International Program


Horizon Christian School's international program is a SEVIS certified, I-20 issuing school. To date, our student body has welcomed students from Germany, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, The Netherlands, Ivory Coast and Rwanda. The 2014-2015 school year brought us 24 foreign students.


ESL courses are offered in the subject areas of English and Bible & Culture. Applicants with exceptional English skills are placed directly in mainstream classes. Students who need language support are placed in a one-year accelerated ESL program. Our International Program focus is to expedite the English immersion process in our foreign students thus allowing them to take mainstream courses by their second year. For an additional charge, students can hire a tutor to help them during their first year of immersion. In academics, overall Horizon students consistently score above the national average in all subject areas on the nationally indexed Stanford Achievement Test.


Our host families are Christian families who wish to support foreign students in their journey. Each family has a legal background check, a home inspection and a reference check for safety.
The monthly living fee for a host family will be $650.00 for the 2014-2015 school year. If you are a local family interested in becoming a host family, contact the International Director.


Horizon Christian Schools is located 12 miles south of Portland, Oregon, in the beautiful city of Tualatin. The commute from the Portland airport (PDX) is about 25 minutes.


Electives & Activities offered at Horizon Christian High School: Art, Ensemble, Drama, Yearbook, Athletic PE, Weight Training, Theater Tech, Chapel Clubs, Football, Cross Country, Girls Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, Boys Baseball, Track. Please note some sports require a specific level of skill to be eligible to compete. More activities may be offered during the year.

Our Mission

Horizon Christian Schools exist to Bring LIFE to Learning by providing a formal education that prepares students to pursue their God-given purpose.

We accomplish this by:

  • Hearts Ignited. We intentionally lead with Heart, purposing to know, love and serve each student and encourage them to follow Jesus with their whole heart.
  • Minds Equipped. We provide quality instruction in the core subjects and also value the Arts, Athletics, Spiritual Formation and Service as essential to a comprehensive education.
  • Hands Engaged. We heed Jesus’ call to each person to live beyond self; to live in service to others; to accomplish a specific work and ultimately to build the Kingdom of God.
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