High School

At Horizon Christian High School we are committed to developing each student’s unique, God-given talents and gift, from football to math; music to language—are seen as a way to address, Jesus Christ, the ever-present, unchanging “audience of one.”

Our curriculum is rigorous and balanced, and core subjects satisfy credits mandated by the State of Oregon for graduation and all courses are presented from a Biblical, Christ centered perspective.

Over 70% of the students participate in one or more sports. Our Drama, choir and art programs open doors for students of all skill levels to be involved.

Student activities take center stage with the Harvest Party, 12 Days of Christmas, Color Wars, and Spring Formal. Clubs are another venue for students to be involved, develop leadership skills and serve God and the community.

By teaching students to love God and to love each other, Horizon Christian High School builds scholars and champions ready to both engage in intellectual and athletic pursuits and serve the community.

Horizon Christian High School is a school of opportunities. What have you always wanted to try? What do you dream of doing? Come to Horizon and pursue your dream and discover God’s plan for you.

Our Mission

Horizon Christian Schools exist to Bring LIFE to Learning by providing a formal education that prepares students to pursue their God-given purpose.

We accomplish this by:

  • Hearts Ignited. We intentionally lead with Heart, purposing to know, love and serve each student and encourage them to follow Jesus with their whole heart.
  • Minds Equipped. We provide quality instruction in the core subjects and also value the Arts, Athletics, Spiritual Formation and Service as essential to a comprehensive education.
  • Hands Engaged. We heed Jesus’ call to each person to live beyond self; to live in service to others; to accomplish a specific work and ultimately to build the Kingdom of God.
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